Friday, September 30, 2016

View Park Hotel Tagaytay Staycation (April 2016)

Tagaytay is very close to my heart, B and I been here so many times. So, when my mom decided to have a quick vacation, Tagaytay is the first thing that come out on my mind, actually my mom prefer Baguio for a change but I was recently given birth and a long travel is very exhausted for me.

Aside from that Tyrus is just one month so maybe we will visit Baguio next time when Tyrus can appreciate the beauty of that place.

I suggested View Park Hotel since it was just across Picnic Grove and my mom hasn't been there although it's her second time in Tagaytay. Aside from that it was a commuter friendly hotel if you don't have a car then this one is for you. 

View Park Hotel - According to tripadvisor it was top 5 hotel in tagaytay. I find them room rates affordable and accessible because they are just along highway.

Two days before when we decided to booked,my mom said that we will just walk in but I said that there is a  possibility that the hotel is fully booked. But during that time my internet connection sucks! as we don't have connection for four days so I decided to text them, good thing they called me to confirmed my booking, I love how they treat their customer.

We booked two Deluxe room, but I suggest you booked their Premiere room 'cause it's look much cozier. See below for some snapshot.

 (Our room)

(Obligatory shot in bed)


(Clean toilet)

(Snack Bar)


( I love the view!)

(Surprise! Thank you! View Park Hotel!)

You can visit their website at for more information and promos.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome to the Christian World Tariel

Last July 10 we celebrated Tariel Christening it was a rainy weekend prior to that day, but somehow my prayer was heard and we are welcome with a sunny Sunday morning. We choose July 10 because it was also Tariel fourth month. A double celebration indeed.😊 so here's a summary and photos.

CHURCH: San Bartolome de Novaliches Parish
Kaching: PHP 850
550 for Mass baptism
1600 for Special baptism

VENUE: Kuya J Restaurant (SM City Novaliches)
Rate: 4 out of 5
Kaching: PHP 21,795 (for 35 pax)

CAKE: Ericahlicious
Rate: 4 out of 5
Kaching: PHP 2,220

I've been looking for angel themed fondant cake who doesn't look like tacky, I inquire several cake makers and ericahlicious win our hearts. It's  really looking like what I envision  at affordable prices.

PHOTO: Big Smile Photography
Rating: 5 out of 5
Kaching: 3,500

Package include 2 to 3 hours unlimited shot with dvd copy and 30 pcs prints. Highly recommended :)

Rating: 5 out of 5
Kaching: 3,505 (for 48 pcs)

B and I discuss that we will give an edible token. Something that our guest will consume, good thing I saw Bottled Up PH in instagram.

Kaching: 293.50
Invitation- 77.50
Tarp- 216

I use on designing the invitation and tarp, and I just print a few copies of invitation for photo op purposes. Canva has a ready to edit layout. You can change color, font and you can even add images.

Total(with some misc expenses): PHP 35,653.25

Friday, June 24, 2016

Tariel first Event

Hi! I'm back I really want to post a new entry but because of my new role ehem! *Mommy*, I had to sort some things. Imagined i wake up as early as 3:30 AM because of my work *sigh, anyway were busy now because in 2 weeks time Tariel will have his first ever event and that his Baptism. We've been planning this since Tariel has arrived,but daddy B wants to baptized Tariel when he become 1 year old. Pero sabi ko mas mabuti ng mas maaga para baby sya, Afterall we can celebrate a simple first birthday if we want and parang mas bet ko ang mag travel sa first birthday nya haha! 

We already booked half of his supplier, And I can't hide my excitement while planning though I'm not into party, Hindi kasi ako sanay and hindi naman kami every year nagpapa party. But I'm looking forward how will the party look like. So, I started browsing pinterest for the ideas and guess what? It's so overwhelming and overflowing of ideas. As of now the motif color will be Blue, Yellow and white we incorporate the yellow color since Tariel favorite character is Spongebob he was giggle every time we showed a spongebob item to him. My Mom suggest to make it a Spongebob theme party but I don't want since it's like were celebrating his first birthday, I said save it na lang for his first birthday.

And then I decided to Make it a Angel theme since he is a Angel for us. Below is my DIY save the date which I made thru canva.

I know I shouldn't focus on the party, what important is he will be blessed.

Will post about the party here soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Breastfeesing is a Choice

Before Tariel was born, I'm telling myself to breastfed him until three months of age. Because I'm not sure if I can commit longer than three months. I know that Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits thats the reason why it is called "Liquid Gold". And then the day was came when he was born, my mom asked me until when will I breastfed Tariel and I said until three months.

(Tariel and his first breastfeed)

Actually I'm not sure if I can breastfed him until three months. But I'm proud to say I breastfeed him for seven weeks or One month and a half.Right now I'm on the stage on making him a milk stash with a help of Farlin Manual Breast pump, at first it's hard to pump and I barely produce 1 oz yun pala mali pagkaka pump ko, I should mimic how Tariel suck so I pump slowly and my output increase 2 oz nga lang. Like what I said don't be pressured to breastfeed I know it's our responsibility to breastfed our child but each of us has own reason, I have read a post from a breastfeeding Mom na there's a lot of new Mother that are not well informed regarding Breastfeeding kaya they opted not to breastfeed their child because of the following reason.
  • Low milk production.
  • No time to latch because of work.
  • Inverted nipple.
  • No time or limited time at work to pump.
  • Medical condition.

And with so many reason. Maybe some Breastfeeding advocate are right most of us are lack of information. The media just said that Breastmilk is best up to two years and beyond. Nothing else the rest you have to do your own research or if your OB and Pedia suggest to do so, Actually kung hindi ako nagbuntis hindi rin ako ganito ka-eager to know more about Breastfeeding. Ngayon ko lang din nalaman na there's a Lactation Consultant here's in Philippines and some hospital has Nurse/Lactation Consultant I'm not aware, and some ordinary hospital will just said "Mag breastfeed ka Mommy, kasi mas maganda pag breastfeed." with no explanation why Breastfeed is a good choice. I hope that they will continue educate people regarding this especially in some rural areas. Anyway I post DOH info materials regarding breastfeeding, I think It should be post in all established, Ngayon ko nga lang din nalaman na may batas na magdadagdag oras para makapag pump ang nanay sa work. Let's spread and share knowledge regarding breastfeeding. Marami tayo matutulungan na mga first time Mom.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The First time Mommy Journey

I never thought that being a Mom will be as crazy as this

 (Just kidding!) Anyway last March 10, 2016 i gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy name Tariel in Pacific Global Medical Center.

It was roller coaster ride I was admitted March 9, 2016 it was an induced labor since my Amniotic fluid is low but suddenly my cervix is not improving and stuck in 7 cm. That's why my OB decided to perform emergency CS and the rest is history.

Before i gave birth i received and read advise regarding being a first time mom, they said that I will no longer have a fancy sleep like I did before i give birth and that's true.

Anyway here's the summary of my journey.

  • Tariel is exclusively breastfed and I'm glad that my OB and Tariel Pediatrician is a Breastfeed Advocate.
  • Newborn pee and poops every after i breastfeed and i think it's depends for some. But they poops as often so you have to ready a bunch of Newborn diaper.
  • You have to be aware of his need whether he need to be fed, maybe his tummy is aching or simply he just need cuddle from you.
  • You prioritize his need. 

I know that I have to learn more on how to properly care new born, I am not an expert of course because I'm a first time mom and even you googled for some tips, experience is still the best teacher.


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